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26 Eastbourne - Alfriston - Seaford

Sundays, Public Holidays & Good Friday

Service 26 does not operate on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year's Day.

Until 5th June the 0905 journey will leave Berwick Station 5 minutes earlier due to the closure of Berwick, Station Road. Please check Service Updates for the latest information.

26 Eastbourne - Alfriston - Seaford, Sundays, Public Holidays & Good Friday

Eastbourne, Gildredge Rd, stop G2 10001200140016001800*
District General Hospital, Kings Drive 10071207140716071807*
Willingdon Roundabout 10101210141016101810*
Willingdon Village, Butts Lane 10121212141216121812*
Willingdon, Coppice Avenue 10151215141516151815*
Wannock, Glen Close 10181218141816181818*
Polegate, High Street 10221222142216221822*
Wilmington Crossroads (A27) 10281228142816281828*
Berwick, Drusillas Corner 10311231143116311831*
Alfriston, Market Cross 10361236143616361836*
Chyngton Estate, Millberg Road 1042124214421642 --
Seaford, Sutton Park Rd, opposite Library 1046124614461646 --
Seaford, Pelham Rd (Morrisons) 1047124714471647 --

26 Seaford - Alfriston - Eastbourne, Sundays, Public Holidays & Good Friday

Seaford, Pelham Rd (Morrisons) -- 10501250 14501650
Seaford, Sutton Park Road, Library -- 10511251 14511651
Chyngton Estate, Millberg Road -- 10551255 14551655
Alfriston, Market Cross -- 11011301 15011701
Berwick, Drusillas Corner -- 11061306 15061706
Berwick Station 0905E -- 1315B -- 1709A
Wilmington Crossroads (A27) 090911091319 15091709*
Polegate, High Street 091511151325 15151715*
Wannock, Glen Close 091911191329 15191719*
Willingdon, opposite The Triangle 092211221332 15221722*
Willingdon Village, Butts Lane 092511251335 15251725*
Willingdon Roundabout 092711271337 15271727*
District General Hospital, Kings Drive 093011301340 15301730*
Eastbourne, Cornfield Rd, stop C1 093711371347 15371737*
A = Does NOT serve this point during British Summer Time, from 27 March 2022.
B = This journey operates via Berwick Station to effect a driver change-over, times from Wilmington are 10 minutes later than usual. From Sunday 10th April until 5th June service 26 will not serve Berwick Station at 1315 due to the closure of Berwick, Station Road.
E = 5 minutes earlier from Sunday 10th April until 5th June due to the closure of Berwick, Station Road.
* = operates only during British Summer Time, from 27 March 2022.

There are connections with the 47 Cuckmere Valley Ramblerbus at Alfriston and Seaford during British Summer Time.
Brighton & Hove Adult NetworkSAVER paper tickets are accepted and issued only between Chyngton Estate and Seaford, they are not valid outside of Seaford town.

Timetable from 7 November 2021.

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Service 26 passes near these attractions:

Seaford Museum Drusillas Park Alfriston Village Alfriston Clergy House Berwick Church Long Man of Wilmington South Downs Way South Downs National Park Towner Art Gallery Eastbourne Heritage Centre