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40 Berwick - Litlington - Seaford

Tuesday & Friday

This service does not operate on Good Friday.

Poynings Close, Seaford
From Tuesday 7th December the bus from Seaford will travel to Poynings Close (off Fairways Road) on request.

Closure of Station Road, Berwick
On Tuesdays Service 40 is affected by the long term closure of Station Road, Berwick. To allow time for the diversion and congestion Tuesday buses will depart Berwick station up to 5 minutes earlier and operate via Common Lane to the A27. Please see Service Updates for the latest information.

Exceat Cuckmere Inn bus stops are suspended due to long term roadworks and service 40 is unable to stop there.

40 Berwick - Litlington - Seaford

Tue Fri
Berwick Station 0948 0930
Chalvington, Lovers Corner -- 0937
Selmeston, Village Hall -- 0944
Alciston, Rose Cottage -- 0948
Berwick Crossroads (A27) 0951R0951R
Wilmington, Ades Field 0955 0955
Wilmington Priory & Long Man 0956 0956
Lullington Corner 1000 1000
Litlington, Plough & Harrow 1002 1002
Charleston Manor 1005 1005
Westdean Pond 1009 1009
Exceat, Country Park Centre 1012 1012
Seaford, Kingston Way 1019 1019
Seaford, Library 1023 1023
Seaford, Pelham Rd, Morrisons 1026 1026
Seaford, Chyngton Road 1029 1029
Seaford, Fairways Road 1033 1033
Seaford, Links Road 1037 1037
Seaford, Library 1045 1045
Seaford, Pelham Rd, Morrisons 1046 1046

40 Seaford - Litlington - Berwick

Tue Fri
Seaford, Pelham Rd, Morrisons 1210 1210
Seaford, Library 1211 1211
Seaford, Kingston Way 1216 1216
Seaford, Fairways Road 1218P 1218P
Seaford, Pelham Rd, Morrisons 1230 1230
Seaford, Library 1231 1231
Exceat, Country Park Centre 1238 1238
Westdean Pond R R
Charleston Manor 1241X 1241X
Litlington, Plough & Harrow 1244X 1244X
Lullington Corner 1246X 1246X
Wilmington Priory & Long Man 1251X 1251X
Wilmington, Ades Field 1252X 1252X
Berwick Crossroads (A27) 1256XR1256XR
Alciston, Rose Cottage -- R
Selmeston, Village Hall -- 1302X
Chalvington, Lovers Corner -- 1304X
Berwick Station 1258X 1311X
P = From 7 December 2021 the bus will travel to Poynings Close (off Fairways Road) on request.
R = The bus will travel to Westdean, Berwick Cricketers Arms and Alciston village on request.
The bus will also operate to Chilver Bridge Arlington by request of passengers already on board.
X = Times may be up to 10 minutes later if the bus serves the request stops en-route.
Tue = Tuesday only.
Fri = Friday only.

Service 40 is supported by East Sussex County Council.

Timetable from 7 December 2021.

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