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42 Berwick - Hailsham


Closure of Station Road, Berwick
Service 42 journeys are affected by the long term closure of Station Road, Berwick. To allow time for the diversion and congestion buses may depart Berwick station up to 5 minutes earlier and arrive about 5 minutes later than shown in the timetable. Please see Service Updates for the latest information.

42 Berwick - Hailsham, Wednesday

Berwick Station 0922
Chalvington, Lover's Corner 0930
Upper Dicker, opposite Stores 0934
Horsebridge, King's Head 0940
Hailsham, High Street (arr)0946
Hailsham, High Street (dep)0950
Ersham Road, Palmers Row 0952
Windsor Road 0953
The Avenue 0955
Sandbanks Way 0957
South Road, Diplocks Way 1001
Ingrams Way 1002
North Street, Tesco 1008
Hailsham, High Street (arr)1009
Hailsham, High Street (dep)1010
Horsebridge, King's Head 1016
Upper Dicker, Stores 1022
Selmeston, Village Hall 1030
Alciston, Rose Cottage Inn 1034
Berwick Crossroads (A27) 1037
Berwick, Drusillas Corner 1038
Alfriston, Market Cross 1043
Berwick Station 1052
Arlington, Yew Tree Inn 1058
Milton Hide 1104
Hailsham, North Street Tesco 1110
Hailsham, High Street 1112

42 Hailsham - Berwick, Wednesday

Hailsham, High Street 1203R
Ersham Road, Palmers Row 1205R
Windsor Road 1206R
The Avenue 1208R
Sandbanks Way 1210R
South Road, Diplocks Way 1214R
Ingrams Way 1215R
Arlington Road West 1220B
Upper Dicker, Stores 1222B
Horsebridge, King's Head 1231B
Hailsham, High Street (arr) 1237B
Hailsham, High Street (dep) 1242
Milton Hide 1250
Arlington, Yew Tree Inn 1256
Berwick, Station 1302
Chalvington, Lover's Corner 1310
Selmeston, Village Hall 1317
Alciston, Turning (A27)* 1318
Berwick, Crossroads (A27)* 1320X
Berwick, Drusillas Corner 1321X
Alfriston, Market Cross 1326AX
Berwick Station 1333AX
* = the bus will serve The Rose Cottage Inn Alciston and The Cricketers Arms Berwick on request.
A = the bus may divert in Alfriston village to drop passengers near to their homes and serve Berwick Station before Alfriston.
X = times may vary if the bus visits Alciston or Berwick Station before Alfriston.
B = The bus will run approximately 15 minutes early from this point if it has not had to serve previous requests for roads within Hailsham.
R = Serves this place on request from passengers already on board.

Service 42 is supported by East Sussex County Council.

Timetable from April 2021.

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