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44 Berwick - Polegate - Eastbourne
Tuesday & Thursday

Service 44 is operating to the temporary timetables shown below.
Thursday afternoon service resumed on 8th October:
see timetable below.
For other services please see our services currently operating page.

Documents to download or view: 44 Tue route | 44 Thu route | 44 fares

Tuesdays and Thursdays, temporary timetable

Polegate, Stud Farm   0920  |  Eastbourne, Cornfield Road, stop C1   1310
Wannock, Glen Close (A)   0927  |  Eastbourne, Pier   1314
Polegate, Broad Road   0930  |  Eastbourne, Sovereign Centre   1319
Polegate, St John's Road   0932  |  Langney Shopping Centre   1326
Polegate High Street   0936  |  Langney, opposite Oak Tree Lane   1328
Polegate, Dover Road   0941  |  Stone Cross, Red Lion   1329
Polegate, Shepham Lane   0943  |  Polegate, Dittons Corner   1334
Polegate, Dittons Corner   0944  |  Polegate, Shepham Lane   1335
Stone Cross, opposite Red Lion   0949  |  Polegate, Dover Road   1337
Langney, Oak Tree Lane   0950  |  Polegate, High Street, Station   1342
Langney Shopping Centre   0952  |  Polegate, St John's Road   1346
Eastbourne, Sovereign Centre   0959  |  Polegate, Broad Road   1348
Eastbourne, Pier   1004  |  Wannock, Glen Close   1351
Eastbourne, Gildredge Road, stop G2   1008  |  Polegate, Stud Farm   1358

See below for the Thursday afternoon timetable.

Route description for 44 temporary timetable
Polegate, Gainsborough Lane, Hyperion Avenue, Sunstar Lane, Golden Millar Lane, Brown Jack Avenue, Bahram Road, Gainsborough Lane, Lewes Road, Eastbourne Road, Wannock Road, Wannock Lane, Broad Road, Eastbourne Road, Church Road, St John's Road, Polegate High Street, Station Road, Pevensey Road, Dover Road, Romney Road, Levett Avenue, Levett Road, Shepham Lane, Pevensey Road, B2247 Dittons Road, B2104 Lion Hill, Friday Street, B2191 Willingdon Drove, Langney Shopping Centre, Willingdon Drove, Langney Rise, Princes Road, Sovereign Leisure Centre, Royal Parade, Marine Parade, Eastbourne Pier, Terminus Road, Trinity Trees, South Street, Gildredge Road (stop G2). Return from Cornfield Road (stop C1) via Trinity Trees, Seaside Road, Cavendish Place and Marine Parade, then reverse of outward route.

Thursday afternoon Berwick - Polegate - Eastbourne

Berwick Station  1300  |  Eastbourne, Cornfield Road, stop C1  1605
Upper Dicker, Stores  1307  |  Eastbourne, Pier  1608
Deanland, Wood Park  1315  |  Eastbourne, Sovereign Centre  1611
Ripe, Lamb Inn  1319  |  Crumbles Retail Park, ASDA (arr)  1615
Chalvington, Lovers Corner  1322  |  Crumbles Retail Park, ASDA (dep)  1616
Selmeston, Village Hall  1329  |  Langney Shopping Centre  1623
Alciston, Rose Cottage  1333  |  Langney, Oak Tree Lane  1625
Berwick Station   --   |  Stone Cross, Red Lion  1626
Milton Gate  1338  |  Polegate, Dittons Corner  1631
Wilmington, Crossroads  1339  |  Polegate, Shepham Lane  1634
Polegate, Stud Farm  1342  |  Polegate, Dover Road  1634
Wannock, Glen Close (A)  1347  |  Polegate, High Street  1639
Polegate, Broad Road  1352  |  Polegate, St John's Road   R
Polegate, St John's Road  1354  |  Polegate, Broad Road   R
Polegate, High Street  1358  |  Wannock, Glen Close   R
Polegate, Dover Road  1403  |  Polegate, Stud Farm   R
Polegate, Shepham Lane  1403  |  Wilmington, Crossroads   R
Polegate, Dittons Corner  1406  |  Milton Gate   R
Stone Cross, opposite Red Lion  1411  |  Alciston Turn (on A27)   R
Langney, Oak Tree Lane  1412  |  Alciston, Rose Cottage   R
Langney Shopping Centre  1414  |  Selmeston, Village Hall   R
Crumbles Retail Park, ASDA (arr)  1421  |  Chalvington, Lovers Corner   R
Crumbles Retail Park, ASDA (dep)  1422  |  Ripe, Lamb Inn   R
Eastbourne, Sovereign Centre  1428  |  Deanland Wood Park   R
Eastbourne, Pier  1433  |  Upper Dicker, Stores   R
Eastbourne, Gildredge Road, stop G2  1437  |  Berwick Station  1645X

R = Serves this place on request.
X = Times may be up to 10 minutes later if the bus visits request stops en route.

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