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Our Buses

Our current fleet

  • CCB9 Mercedes 616i, registration MH04 FBB
  • CCB15 Mercedes 616i Auto, registration MX55 HEJ
  • CCB18 Mercedes 616i, registration KE07 HXK
  • CCB19 Mercedes 515Cdi Auto, registration BU14 SZT
  • CCB20 Mercedes 515Cdi Auto, registration BK65 UBJ
  • CCB21 Mercedes 515Cdi Auto, registration BG65 VXV
  • CCB22 Mercedes 515Cdi Auto, registration RE16 DXU
  • CCB23 Fiat Ducato Auto, registration SJ16 BGU

Cuckmere Buses fleet

CCB1 on its first day in 1976
CCB1 on its first day in 1976

Our former fleet

  • CCB1 Ford Transit, registration OHC 68M
  • CCB2 Ford Transit, registration XVX 299L
  • CCB3 Bedford CF350D, registration RUF 439X
  • CCB4 Mercedes 608D, registration C455 TAP
  • CCB5 Mercedes 609D, registration G185 TUF
  • CCB6 Mercedes 609D, registration M141 CWV
  • CCB7 Mercedes 614D, registration T851 XCD
  • CCB8 Mercedes 614D, registration RO02 VMX
  • CCB10 Mercedes 709D, registration L325 YDU
  • CCB11 Mercedes 709D, registration L330 YKV
  • CCB12 Mercedes 616i Auto, registration OU05 LWP
  • CCB13 Mercedes 616i, registration PE55 VLF
  • CCB14 Mercedes 616i, registration BU53 AYC
  • CCB16 Mercedes 616i Auto, registration BX55 FYF
  • CCB17 Mercedes 616i, registration MV55 EUD
Cuckmere Buses is the trading name of Cuckmere Community Bus Ltd
Registered Office: The Old Rectory, Litlington, Polegate, East Sussex, BN26 5RB.
Tel. 01323 870920.   Email:
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